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African HRC Remembers Jackie Nanyonjo

At this time back in 2013, Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda. Jackie was forcibly returned to Uganda by the British government, which had denied her asylum, refusing to believe that she was a lesbian.

They sent her home to her death.

Had Jackie been able to remain in the United Kingdom she would probably have lived.

She was sent home in very poor health. In her frail condition, she struggled unsuccessfully to avert the deportation, which weakened her further, and then went into hiding in Uganda, unable to receive the care and medical attention she needed.

Melanie Nathan reported Jackie’s death here in 2013: – : "Speaking to ugandan activists today, I was informed that Jackie had not made contact with them in Uganda as she may have been too afraid, having already been exposed through the deportation process. In tandem with the reports, activists agree that Jackie was forced into hiding because she had been exposed as a lesbian and hence feared exposure and probably could not obtain the medical attention she needed."

Jackie Nanyonjo died as an ‘Ann Frank’ type casualty of the Ugandan anti-homosexuality milieu and the failures by the UK Home Office and UK Border Agency (UKBA) under the cruel leadership Theresa May.

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