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LGBT-FAN and African HRC at Creating Change Conference 2015

Just landing in Denver today for the 27th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force! A panel of advocates and organizations, members of the LGBT-FAN network will present at the LGBT-FAN Panel/ Workshop:

Creating Change #CC2015 Saturday Morning, 6th Session at 10.45 AM.

TOPIC: LGBT Asylum – Religion and Faith Tools of Abuse and Liberation for LGBT Asylum Seekers:

· Dennis Akpona, Co-Founder Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program (CLASP)

· Melanie Nathan, San Francisco, ED, African Human Rights Coalition

· Ann Craig New York, LGBT-FAN Communications Director

Our team will be discussing the myriad of issues impacting LGBT Asylum seekers and refugees.

LGBT Asylum seekers are amongst the most marginalized in our global and domestic community. We are starting to see more and more LGBTI Asylum seekers and refugees, including many more Africans, arriving in the USA in increasing numbers, escaping criminalizing laws, the hateful rhetoric of political and religious leaders, and the resulting persecution.

When seeking asylum in the USA faith based groups are rallying, providing imperative assistance to liberation and healing, while LGBT organization need to do much more to step up to the plate.

“In general African Asylum seekers have virtually no comprehensive support or planning from the LGBT Community, leadership or government, in the U.S.A..

There are pockets of ad hoc localized aspects of support - mostly from faith based communities. As LGBTI Americans we are most unprepared. Please join us in the crucial discussion so we can all figure out how to best serve this extremely under-funded and important aspect pertaining to our global and domestic LGBTI advocacy and direct services.” Melanie Nathan. (African HRC)

*Ann Craig is a communications consultant and serves on the national board of LGBT Freedom Asylum Network as the the head of communications. * LGBT-FAN is dedicated to helping people who are seeking safety in the U.S. because of persecution of their sexual orientation or gender identity in their home countries. Ann also works with The Fellowship Global and Metropolitan Community Churches with ministries in 40 countries. *Melanie Nathan is Executive Director of African HRC - a South African born attorney, working with LGBT refugees and asylum seekers providing comprehensive case management through direct humanitarian and advocacy services, such as safe shelter, strategic planning, and resources. The work is in Africa, U.S.A. and U.K. See About

*Dennis Akpona Dennis Akpona, Co-Founder Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program (CLASP) which provides direct services to LGBT asylum seekers in Chicago.

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