AHRC Presents VIDEO Message on Main Stage Leading Global Pride 2020

African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC), hand in hand with refugees at Kakuma Camp in Kenya, had the great honor to represent African countries and refugees leading the Main Stage opening, at GLOBAL PRIDE 2020 with its VIDEO message. Worldwide, we were all so disappointed when we realized we could not take to our streets this year, due to the Pandemic. Who would have thought that the tragedy of COVID-19 could translate into a unifying global event for queers - for LGBTQI from all over the globe! AHRC delivered the critical message - Not every gay person in all places of the world are safe to commemorate Pride with public visibility. The countries where Prides are celebrated openly and publicly

AHRC and Kakuma LGBTQI Pride Video Message

This short video message, produced by African HRC (AHRC)and written and filmed by LGBTQI refugees in Kakuma can be seen HERE now. Please share this important message: "We all want to honor and commemorate Pride, even those LGBTQI people who are not able to do so safely at this time. We look forward to our resettlement to safer countries where we are considered equal for being LGBTQI." Many thanks for your participation, support: With a VERY special thanks to Joshua Warren Sade for his extraordinary music and lyrics - "Brave The Storm" AHRC has provided special Pride meals to several groups of LGBTQI refugees in Kakuma and Nairobi. We hope to provide more Pride Meals before the end of this mo

Press Release: Asking Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle to Resign

PRESS RELEASE: Dated: June 17, 2020. Contact: Melanie Nathan, Executive Director African Human Rights Coalition nathan@AfricanHRC.org The African Human Rights Coalition, based in Marin County, is calling for the resignation of Sheriff Robert Doyle. In light of this week's California Sanctuary State decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to allow the lower Court to prevail on the issue of SB54, and in the face of George Floyd's brutal murder at the hands of police, it is time for the County of Marin to acknowledge Black Lives Matter to the extent that it removes all racist relics, which includes those serving and leading our communities, who have exerted or harbored r

African HRC Joins Hundreds of LGBTQI Organizations Calling for Change in U.S. Policing

African Human Rights Coalition is proud to join hundreds of LGBTQ organizations around the country calling for transformational change: We need a policing system in the United States that protects people, not one that disproportionately threatens the Black community. Here is the Letter signed by hundreds of LGBTQI organizations: LGBTQ Organizations Unite in Calling for Transformational Change in Policing Black people have been killed, Black people are dying at the hands of police, our country is in crisis, and we all need to take action. We cannot sit on the sidelines, we cannot acquiesce, and we cannot assign responsibility to others. We, as leaders in the LGBTQ movement, must rise up and c

South Africa's National Youth Day Commemorates Massacre of Children by Apartheid Police

June 16 marks the commemoration of National Youth Day in South Africa. This is the day the country reflects on the massacre of school children during the Soweto Uprising of 1976, when they peacefully protested the Apartheid regime's law forcing Black children to study in the medium of Afrikaans, the language of the oppressor. 200 died in riots sparked by the white Afrikaner police shooting children who were peacefully marching. The Soweto uprising spread across the country forever changing the South African trajectory, drawing international attention and ultimately 14 years later culminating in International sanctions, and then the release of Nelson Mandela paving the way for South Afric

Pride Commemoration on World Refugee Day

LGBTQ DIGITAL PRIDE AND MIGRATION 2020 will commemorate the struggles of displaced people and LGBTQ Refugees and is scheduled this year for World Refugee Day, which is celebrated annually on June 20th. World Refugee Day commemorates the struggles of millions of displaced people. The significant population of displaced people who identify as LGBTQI underscores the importance of celebrating the diversity of pride and migration: African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) is pleased to announce its participation in the Digital Pride 2020 for LGBTQI Migrants, where we will be launching and Premiering our KAKUMA PRIDE VIDEO message through our collaborative production with LGBTQI refugees in Kakuma Cam

Statement to UN Human Rights Council for LGBTI and COVID-19 Protections

187 of organizations call on States to protect LGBTI persons' human rights in the context of COVID-19 outbreak The pandemic is exposing and deepening existing discrimination, violence and other human rights violations on the basis of SOGIESC, organizations tell the Human Rights Council Today, African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) joined a coalition of 187 organizations to draw the attention of the UN Human Rights Council to the situation of LGBTI persons and those who defend their rights in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. In line with the call to action signed by 96 human rights experts, organizations working for the protection of the human rights of persons of diverse sexual


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