Questions for Leaders of Refugee Protests

Note the importance of Collaboration - Risk Assessment - Preparation There are over 30 countries in Africa which criminalize LGBTQI people and in the countries that do not, even those with measures of equality and constitutional protections, homophobia, transphobia and hate causes severe dangers for LGBTQI people. Among the most marginalized of people are refugees, who are in effect guests in foreign countries, and even more marginalized are LGBTQI refugees who are guests in hostile host countries. At AHRC we strive to ensure that the resettlement programs in Africa are not jeopardized. There are very few places where hostile host governments have agreed to recognize LGBTQI people as part o

African HRC Advisory on LGBTI Refugee Stipends and Protests in Kenya

African Human Rights Coalition (AHRC) Advisory on Stipends and Protests: FEB AHRC ADVISORY ONE February 26, 2020 ( Many refugees in Kenya have contacted AHRC expressing concern that HIAS is cutting off stipends. We are clarifying the following, and issuing this advisory, based on what we know, which we hope may be helpful to refugees in Kenya at this time. This is the first of 2 advisories. The second, FEB ADVISORY TWO, will outline the choices and process for refugees who are stuck without stipends and will be issued within the following week. I. ADVISORY SUMMARY: To Refugees: A] Fully cooperate with HIAS reassessment interviews B] Consider and consult about your IND


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