LGBTQI Refugees Advised by UNHCR to Adhere to Kenyan Government Order to Vacate Safe House

In December last year, after an attack on LGBTQI refugee in Kakuma, UNHCR helped relocate over 100 individuals to an emergency shelter which has since been ordered closed by the Kenyan Government. The refugees were advised at the outset that this was a temporary situation. This Safe House is no longer a safe house and this is a very serious plea: The remaining 17 refugees have been advised on several occasions by UNHCR about the closure order by the Kenyan authorities and that it forbids UNHCR and others from providing any further assistance at the shelter. Nevertheless, the group continues to have access to medical care, electricity, water and bedding, and are at liberty to leave and ente

Trump Memo Proposes Cruel Regulations for Asylum Seekers

This week the White House issued a presidential memorandum calling on the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to issue regulations that would impose onerous financial burdens on asylum seekers, undermine credible fear proceedings, and force judges to rush cases through the immigration court system, at the expense of due process. If enacted, these regulations would inflict needless suffering on asylum seekers and preclude many from even applying for protection, putting countless refugees at risk of return to life-threatening persecution. The presidential memorandum proposes: fees be imposed for asylum applications and applications for temporary work authorization asy


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