Denis LeBlanc, Canadian Gay Rights Pioneer and African HRC Supporter Dies

I am so sad to report that my dear friend and our supporter Denis LeBlanc has passed away. When African HRC was in deep need, Denis was one who came forward with his tender loving support. He spread the word for those in need and always ensured issues needing awareness were placed at the fore. His support for LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers was unwavering and his encouragement of our work will be so missed. Our dear friend will be remembered as a man of deep thought and compassion and generosity. His loss is a huge blow to me and to African Human Rights Coalition. His loss is sorely grieved. May his dear soul rest in peace and may his memory be forever a blessing. Condolences to family

New Guidance: Domestic Violence, Gang Asylum Claims at the U.S. Border

New Guidance Requires Fair Process for Domestic Violence, Gang Asylum Claims at the Border San Francisco, CA (January 14, 2019) – The Center for Gender & Refuge Studies (CGRS) is pleased to share the government’s new guidance for asylum cases which clarifies that there is no blanket rule against claims involving applicants fleeing domestic violence and gang violence. The guidance was issued in accordance with U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan’s recent ruling in Grace v. Whitaker. The Grace lawsuit, filed by CGRS and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) last summer, challenged the implementation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Matter of A-B- decision in credible fear pro

LGBTI Kakuma UNHCR Refugees be aware of Rights

When the Kakuma LGBTQI refugees protested harsh conditions and the failed security at the refugee camp UNHCR compound, through a peaceful process, they were accused of being provocative and then attacked by Kenyan police. This led to UNHCR issuing a statement, condemning the Kenyan police action and admitting to the very insecurities the refugees and advocates such as ourselves have been accusing the camp of for several years. This led finally to the transportation of approximately 200 refugees to a transit compound in Nairobi where UNHCR is now charged with their care and protection. However UNHCR seems to want them out. We believe UNHCR has a responsibility to come up with better solutions


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