The time is now to end THE VIOLENCE,TO END THE prejudice and TO END THE discrimination against LGBTQI+ people around the world!


Over 30 Countries in Africa criminalize LGBTQI+ people, resulting in violent  persecution and discrimination. 

AHRC is LGBTQI+ specific and refugee led in the emergency humanitarian response to forcibly displaced LGBTQI+ people. 


LGBTQI people in Africa are targeted for violence and abuse due to their sexuality and gender identity with no state protections in countries that criminalize or demonize sexuality and gender identity.


AHRC platforms those with lived experience, provides case advocacy and fosters African led discussions to  decolonize SOGIESC.


We advocate for routes, pipelines and durable solutions for those LGBTQI+ people who have been forcibly displaced by violence and discrimination.


AHRC provides legal resources, including referrals to immigration attorneys. AHRC is a direct resource for country conditions reporting, providing expert witness testimony for LGBTQI+ individuals from African countries seeking asylum.